Q&A with Øivin Horvei

Tomorrow Øivin Horvei opens an exhibition in NoPlace. KUNSTforum asked him some questions about his art and what inspires him.

Øivin Horvei. Photo: Asle Olsen

Webpage: www.oivinhorvei.com
Selected exhibitions:

Power Redux at Wizard / Dim-Sum’n Leftovers at TM51 / Collected Series at NoPlace / Explorer Series, The Saturn Archives upcoming at Tegneforbundet.

What are you currently working on? 

– Right now, I’m preparing my show at NoPlace which opens this Friday and finishing my show at TM51, which closes this Thursday. Besides this, I’m working on a monumental mosaic project, approx. 100 square meters with ceramic tiles, the piece is finished but I have no place to mount it. I’m also releasing a picture book on Magikon Publishing, It’s almost finished too. Coming up next is a solo exhibition at Galleri S.E. in Bergen, and Tegnerforbundet in February 2013.

Øivin Horvei. Photo: Asle Olsen

Can you describe your work process from idea to work?

– My work usually starts with nothing, and ends up with something. Most often I have a concept in the back of my head, but no concrete idea. All of my work has its place in a holistic abstract and futuristic concept. The process is very intuitive, and impulsive. Many hours of repetitions, strange shapes and a fascination for dots and details is what drives me further.

Øivin Horvei. Photo: Asle Olsen

What are your main influences when creating a work of art?

– My main influences are literature, people, things and situations from the streets and found objects.

Øivin Horvei. Photo: Asle Olsen

Can you name an artist/artwork or exhibition that has inspired you?

– I visited Fondatión Maeght last year, in France. That was super inspiring, both in spirit and content. Tom Sachs is inspiring, and Yayoi Kusama since I like dots a lot.

Øivin Horvei. Photo: Asle Olsen

Can you name a writer or book, fiction or theory that has inspired your works?

Moonpalace by Paul Auster.

Øivin Horvei. Photo: Asle Olsen

Why is art important?

– It’s important to me, because it makes me work, think and reflect instead of watching TV.

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