New profile and new name

Kalhama & Piippo has a new director, which in turn led to a new name, changes in the artists represented and a new visual profile.

Staff and board members at Helsinki Contemporary: Standing, from the left: Chairman of the board Antti Piippo, Marja Kosunen, board member Olli Piippo, Minni Kanko, board member Arvi Komulainen, board member Mika Hannula. Seated, from the left: Laura Köönikkä & Mikaela Lostedt. Photo: Perttu Saksa

Earlier this year Pilvi Kalhama stepped down as director of Kalhama & Piippo in Helsinki. Mikaela Lostedt, who up until now has functioned as the exhibition coordinator, is now head of the gallery. In a press release they reassure the visitors that they are still located at the same address. But some changes are still being made – among them is the name of the gallery. It is now Helsinki Contemporary.

But there will also be some alterations in the artists represented. Whilst the cooperation with some artists is over, others are complementing to the new profile. Tuomas Laitinen, Pilvi Takala and Perttu Saksa are now a part of the «new» gallery. Both Laitinen and Takala work with film and performance, and thus they are contributing in emphasizing the new direction in which the gallery aims to head.

More than anything, Helsinki Contemporary is now aiming for the personal art experience. Along with painting, sculptures and photography – mediums in which existing artists work – the gallery will focus especially on artists with a more physical, in depth approach to the projects. Site-specific projects will be one of the main focuses, and the intention is to show projects of this kind both in the gallery space, but also in public space, all around Helsinki. Their aim is to manifest a strong local presence through reaching out into public spaces and temporary locations around Helsinki.

In a press release, Mika Hannula, board member, says that the gallery will ‘emphasise the importance of experiencing art on site. This is not about art as a finite object but more about it being a meeting point for constant interaction within a given space or situation. It is about giving people the opportunity of getting closer to art, to be present, to experience works of art together with other people – to interact with them.’

Apart from the newly included artists, Helsinki Contemporary will continue its work with artists such as the photographer and artist-scientist Sanna Kannisto, the painter Hannaleena Heiska, and Lukas Göthman, to name a few.

Given the addition of artists and the new visual profile, it will be interesting to keep an eye on the gallery in the future and see if a project signed Helsinki Contemporary suddenly pops up in Helsinki somewhere.

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