Kunstforum at Art Brussels

Kunstforum is the only Nordic art magazine at Art Brussels. In connection with the fair Kunstforum launches an English online edition.

Yesterday Art Brussels opened its doors to the press, collectors and invited visitors for the 30th time. 182 galleries and more than 2000 artists are on display, and the fair expects to attract more than 30 000 visitors during the fair.

In the magazine and institutions section at the fair KUNSTforum has a stand for the first time, together with magazines like Art Forum International, Flash Art, Year, ETC and Cura.Magazine. Kunstforum is situated next to Mousse and Kaleidoscope, two Italian magazines.

– We believe it would be interesting to provide a Nordic textual perspective at the fair. Today there is a general interest in the Nordic countries.

André Gali, editor of Kunstforum

Earlier this year we were invited to the Armory Show in connection with the Nordic section, where we participated in a debate on criticism and value in the art market. Now we’re eager to continue sharing our thoughts on the Nordic art scene to an international audience, says André Gali, one of the two editors of Kunstforum, the other being Nicolai Strøm-Olsen.

Gali points out that there is already a strong Nordic presence in Brussels at the fair;

– At the fair you will find galleries like the Malmö based Johan Berggren Gallery, who presents works by Fredrik Værslev, a young Norwegian artist whose career is on the rise. The Belgian gallery Jozsa, presents works by the Norwegian artist duo Lello/Arnell just to mention some of the the Nordic highlights.

Gali mentions several other Nordic galleries participating in the fair, from Denmark the galleries Larm, Martin Asbæk, Avlskarl Gallery and David Risley Gallery are present and they are supplemented by Christian Larsen from Stockholm and i8 from Iceland.

Also in the city the Nordic scene is visible;

– Downtown in Brussels Gallery D.O.R is located. It is run by a Norwegian artist group. Later this week, on gallery night, the Norwegian artist Stian Ådlandsvik will open an exhibition at gallery Waxy Pith.

The editors believe KUNSTforum can give an understanding of the critical context for these galleries and artists.

English edition
Kunstforum started to publish selected articles in English in the print edition last autumn. Nicolai Strøm-Olsen explains that the need for an English edition became apparent as the editors and writers associated with KUNSTforum started to cover events outside Scandinavia.

Nicolai Strøm-Olsen, editor of Kunstforum

– First of all, when we are writing about Iceland and Finland we find that so many potential readers prefer English. Then there is the fact that when you’re interviewing an international art professional they’re immediately interested in reading the magazine. Combined with a strong interest in the Nordic art scene, both in Europe and in the US, it was logical to provide a written platform for the Nordic art scene.

After being at the Armory Show, the editors decided that an English edition online would be next expansion;

– When we are covering in so many international fairs and exhibitions, it was natural to make the online magazine available to the international audience. We have also hired some new critics who prefer to write in English. Online some of the material is now published exclusively in English, explains Gali.

The English edition online was published last week and will be partly articles from the print edition and new articles, the editors explain.

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