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KUNSTforum is the leading, Nordic art magazine with Norwegian and English articles. KUNSTforum is the only Nordic magazine that covers comtemporary, modern and historical art and visual culture.

KUNSTforum publishes interviews with artists, curators, gallery owners, museum directors and more. KUNSTforum also publishes feature articles discussing artistic movements and trends and feature articles that offers new perspectives on culture politics and institutions.

KUNSTforum has a broad perspective and aims at being an academic and critical publication, directed at the art professional as well as the intelligent lay-man. Our goal is to create a space for open discussion and debate on the visual arts and the structures of the art system in Norway, the Nordic region and internationally.

In print our focus is on feature articles, interviews, essays, art books and marked analysis.

Our web magazine is updated every week with it’s own articles, exhibition reviews and picture blogs. Online our focus is on short, informative text and comments.

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If you wish to send Kunstforum a press release please e-mail us at redaksjonen@kunstforum.as

KUNSTforum is:

André Gali
Founding editor/ Editor-in-chief

Gali founded KUNSTforum with Nicolai Strøm-Olsen and Tore Næss in 2009. Prior to that he was freelancing as art critic, journalist and photographer and has contributed to a number of art magazines and newspapers like Kunstkritikk, Billedkunst, Klassekampen and Kunsthåndverk. In 2006 he founded the GaliBlog (www.galiblog.com) – a website covering the art scene in Oslo and elsewhere primarily through photographs. Prior to that Gali studied Theater Theory at Oslo University and wrote a master´s thesis on Andy Warhol and his pop persona. Gali has been emploied by the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art as museum guide and assistant curator (short term substitute)  at various occations since 2002. Since 2010 Gali has been editor-in-chief of Norwegian Crafts magazine.

Selected publications Gali has contributed to: Morten Andenæs: Skyldfolk (2012, Teknisk Industri), Aftermath of Art Jewellery (2013, Arnoldsche Art Publishers),  Museum for Skills (editor, 2013, Norwegian Crafts).

Contact: andre.gali@kunstforum.as

Monica Holmen

Holmen holds a master´s degree from Oslo Univeristy and wrote the thesis This is MOST Important. An analysis of Dag Alveng´s New York-photographs in light of the American street photography (in Norwegian). Holmen also works as project coordinator at Akershus Art Center.

Contact: monica.holmen@kunstforum.as

Contributing editors: Trine Otte Bak Nielsen

Editorial board: Are Blytt, Randi Grov Berger, Per Kristian Nygård, Joakim Borda-Pedreira ,Hanne Cecilie Gulstad, Marit Strømmen, Magnus Bons and Helena Björk.

If you wish to advertise in the print edition or online please contact Nicolai Strøm-Olsen for details at:

Phone + 47 94789391
E-mail: nicolai.strom.olsen@kunstforum.as

KUNSTforum is run by André Gali (editor-in-chief) and Nicolai Strøm-Olsen (managing director) and publishes a quarterly paper edition with selected articles in English, and a online magazine with an english edition.